Best Affordable Electric Cars Of 2020

Affordable Electric Cars
Affordable Electric Cars
Affordable Electric Cars
Affordable Electric Cars

It has almost been a decade since the introduction of electric cars. However, due to its premium price and low mileage, most prefer buying conventional cars. However, the situation has changed now. Due to the advancement in technology and mass production techniques, electric cars have become more affordable and user friendly. Presently, almost all the premium and mid range automobile companies are introducing electric vehicles. Some of the best and most affordable electric cars of this year are as follows.

KIA e-Niro

It is one of the best electric cars ever introduced. The most attractive feature of this vehicle is its mileage. With the 64kWh battery installed in this vehicle, it will allow people to travel about 230kms in a single charge. The low maintenance cost and affordable prices are also making this automobile more attractive. The KIA e-Niro is one of the very few electric cars with an SUV design. With a little modification, this car can also be used for off-road purposes. Even at the affordable price level, this car will give its users a premium comfort compared to other electric vehicles.

Volkswagen ID 3

The German brand Volkswagen is well known for its premium and luxury cars. This brand is also well known for its premium quality engine design. Recently, as a part of its environment friendly project, Volkswagen has introduced its third model in its sub brand ‘ID’. Presently, ID 3 is one of the most awaited electric vehicles because it is offering a minimum mileage of 300kms in a single charge. The small golf sized design has also made it more attractive because it is a perfect design for our crowded city traffics. Volkswagen has not yet started its sale so the exact price of this car is still unknown.

Peugeot e-208

This is also one of the most awaited electric cars of 2020. The Peugeot e-208 will be the best substitute for those people who are already using normal and hybrid cars. The company has reported that their e-208 will make people feel like they are riding a fuel powered automobiles. The elegant sedan class design of this vehicle is attracting more people to the world of electric vehicles. Since there are no official reports regarding its mileage and battery capacity, the range of this vehicle is unknown.

The above mentioned are some of the best electric cars in 2020. Some of the above mentioned cars have not been officially launched and they are expected to hit the road in a short period of time.

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