Major Trends And Developments In EVs

Small Electric Car
Small Electric Car
Small Electric Car
Small Electric Car

Electric vehicles are becoming ubiquitous because they have become cheaper.  Now, almost all automobile manufacturers are focusing on the small electric car suitable for urban commuting to lure the C-segment buyers. This becomes obvious when you look at the lineup of EVs offered by leading automotive brands. The main reasons for this are the advancements in battery pack technology and the drop in their price. As a result, small electric cars became more affordable. Shared below are the major trends and developments in the EV segment that you must know.

Electric SUVs

Even in the market for EVs, there is a huge demand for SUVs and crossovers due to their appeal. Because of this, automobile manufactures are releasing electric versions of their SUVs and crossover models.  Besides, there are new entrants in this segment specifically targeting customers who are fond of this type of off-roading capable vehicle. Apart from this, some automotive brands are also introducing mild hybrid SUVs that offer the advantages of both technologies.

Luxury Brands Are Going Electric

The advantages of EVs are obvious, and major luxury automotive brands are switching to manufacturing them; some of them are Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, and Jaguar. EV models offered by these brands give a minimum of 280 miles range which is the industry standard. Moreover, these manufacturers are pushing for the setting up of more electric charging stations so that people are less hesitant about buying electric vehicles. Also, many traditional filling stations are rolling out rapid charging stations for electric vehicles.

Performance Vehicles

Major automotive brands are improving the performance vehicles by augmenting IC engines with performance electric motors. This helps to achieve numbers that were not achievable before with smaller and lightweight engines. In traditional vehicles, batteries will help to replace the drop in displacement due to engineering limitations.

Electric Vehicle Becomes More Affordable

As more mainstream automotive manufacturers are introducing low-cost small electric cars, they become more accessible to the general population. This also includes plugin hybrid vehicles that have lower operational costs than IC engine cars. As already stated in the introduction, these EVs are mainly designed for urban commuting. Besides, some manufacturers are also planning to introduce swappable battery technology in these compact urban EVs to significantly reduce charging time.

Wireless EV Charging

As more people are buying electric vehicles, manufacturers are planning to introduce wireless charging to make the whole process hassle-free. This technology is already being tested by leading automotive brands. This is done by installing inductive charging pads at home, office, or electric charging stations.

EVs are the future because they offer clear advantages over IC engine vehicles, and they are very affordable in the long run.

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