A Guide for Buying Electric Cars

Electric Car Conversion
Electric Car Conversion
Affordable Electric Cars
Affordable Electric Cars

A lot of people are now seeking to buy electric cars than cars that use conventional fuels. Electric cars provide a large number of advantages which makes them an ideal choice. It is pollution-free and affordable. It will also help you to save on fuel charges, as it uses renewable energy that is very cheap. Hence, it makes a great alternative tp gasoline-powered vehicles.

However, buying an electric car can be a complex process than purchasing a conventional car. You have to take good care when buying electric cars, otherwise, you may end up in buying a car that does not meet your requirements. Hence, we include a buyer’s guide for you that might come handy to you if you are planning to purchase such cars. We share some tips and important things you have to notice to get the best affordable electric cars.

Where to Buy?

Nowadays most of the car manufacturers are also selling electric cars. Hence, it is better to start your search from your local dealer. Not every dealer that sells the vehicles of a given manufacturer will stock the models of electric cars, but you can get them ordered, so that it will be delivered for you in a few days. All car manufacturers are planning to offers electric cars in the near future, therefore, it won’t be a problem for you to purchase a good electric car from the brand you like.

When choosing a car dealer, you have to think about how you will get your car serviced if you are selecting a dealer who is far away than the electric car range. Currently, these cars need specialist servicing, hence, your local mechanic will not be able to service your cars. Therefore, it is better to find a dealer who is within the range of your car’s battery, so that it will be easy for you to service it. Otherwise, you have to find some alternative measures to take it to your dealer for servicing.

Conventional car vs. Electric car

The typical chores associated with a conventional car includerefueling and servicing. These are also the same for electric cars, but you will have to perform only less servicing for electric cars as the number of moving parts is very less in them when compared to a conventional car.

When conventional cars use fuels like petrol, diesel, etc., electric cars use a renewable source of energy. You can charge electric cars from an electricity point at a charging station or at your house.


Usually, you will have to charge the battery of your electric cars regularly. How often you will have to charge depends on the distance you travel and also the electric car range. How quickly you can charge will depend on the supply you are using for charging. However, a domestic charge that has 240 Volts on a 13 amp socket will usually take 6-10 hours for getting fully charged.

Fast or High Performance Chargers (HPC’s) are a type of industrial strength chargers that some electric cars can utilize for charging 80% in 30-45 minutes. No other chargers that are faster than this are not currently available. However, it will definitely change in the near future, as a lot of new advancements are being made in this field for improving the efficiency of electric cars.

Electric Car Range

Range is a term that is used to denote how far you can go on one charge. It will be different for each car based on the efficiency. A typical range is 100 miles between charges, however, this will vary based on different factors. Extreme cold weather and hot weather can further reduce the range of these cars. That is, a car that has 100 mile range can run out of charge very sooner (for instance, as low as 70 or even 60 miles) if it is subjected to low/high temperatures or extreme driving.

Battery Life and Warranty

The warranty provided by manufacturers will usually cover the battery and other components of the car. Typically, warranties will be available for 5-8 years that includes the coverage for battery and different electric drive components. But you will have to check with your dealer to make sure of it. But this will not cover standard wear and tear and you have to know that your battery’s range will decrease over the years. 

Advantages of Electric Cars

Electric cars are favored in many states as they play a significant role in reducing atmospheric pollution, as the emission of poisonous gases are not involved. They are also very affordable and will help you to cut down your fuel expenses.

Drawbacks of Electric Cars

Refueling is one of the main issues associated with these cars. It will take long hours to get fully charged, hence, it can result in inconvenience for you if you run out of charge in the middle of your journey. Also, the range of the battery will reduce over time and you will have to replace it often. Servicing and repairing of these cars cannot be done by your local mechanic as it needs specialized care.

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