Different Types Of Electric Cars

Small Electric Car
Small Electric Car
Best Electric Vehicles
Best Electric Vehicles

Presently there are mainly three types of electric cars available in the market. The classification is not based on the electric car motor or the engine, but depending on the type of energy source used in each of them. These types of electric vehicles are Battery Electric Vehicles, Plugged in Hybrid Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Vehicles. Even though all of them are electrically powered vehicles, there are some distinct features and facilities provided by each of them and these are shared below.

Battery Electric Vehicles

Among the three categories of electric cars, it is the only type of car that can be charged using a level 3 DC adaptor. These are vehicles run fully on rechargeable batteries. Since there is no room for gasoline or any other fuel, it uses the power from the batteries to run the motor and also to power-up the whole vehicle. It is considered as an eco-friendly vehicle as it will not release any harmful gases to the environment. It takes almost 8 hours to fully charge an electric vehicle, and it will give an average of about 80 miles range.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

It is also a type of electric vehicle that runs solely on rechargeable batteries. The difference between a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle and a Battery electric vehicle is that PHEV can be charged not only by a DC adaptor but also by the regenerative braking system. Since there is a secondary battery in a PHEV, It will give an additional distance of about 30 to 40 miles even if the primary energy source is depleted.   

Hybrid Electric Vehicle

It is one of the best electric vehicles because it gives both the efficiency of electric engines and also the effectiveness of gasoline engines. Hybrid Electric Vehicle is a mixture of both electric cars and normal cars and the user can switch among both during a ride. It improves the comfort and also the fuel efficiency of the car. There are many models of Hybrid Electric vehicles that use both the energy sources simultaneously to improve the performance of the vehicle.

All three types of electric vehicles have their own pros and cons. Even though pure battery powered vehicles are eco-friendlier, they can only run less distance compared to a Hybrid Electric Vehicle. However, in the case of hybrid electric vehicles, the maintenance and running cost is high. 

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