How To Ensure Best Electric Car Range?

Electric Car Range
Electric Car Range
Electric Car Range
Electric Car Range

The electric car range is one of the single most deciding factors when it comes to the mass adaptation of EV’s. One of the common troubles many electric vehicles owners face is range anxiety and it can be avoided by change in driving behaviour or styles. This is because, running out of charge especially for this type of vehicle can land you in a situation that many would not prefer to be in. So, eliminating consumer inconveniences of this sort is critical for the success of EV manufacturers and they are pushing for favourable legislations from the government. Shared below are some solutions to ensure hassle free long trips in electric cars.

300 Miles Range

In order to comfortably commute long distances in EV’s, their battery pack must offer a minimum range of 300 miles and some of the current best electric vehicles offer this. This ensures charging flexibility as the weather conditions, driving style, charging locations and other factors can affect the range. Moreover, this can reduce the number of charging stops and thereby enables comfortable long rides. The other reason is that many of the older internal combustion engine vehicles offer 400 to 500 miles range.

Fast Charging

Fast charging facilities at convenient or critical locations will ensure that you reach destinations without any trouble. This combined with the minimum 300 miles electric car range will become the deciding factors in mass adoption of EV’s by the general population. Usually long drives are around 4 hours, the stop lasts for about 30 minutes which includes bathroom breaks and meal time combined. So the fast charging facilities must be able to offer 90 to 95% charge in 30 minutes time. But, with the current advancements in battery technology this can be reduced to 15 minutes in the near future.

Destination Charging

The final destination of your long journey whether it be hotel or resort must have EV charging facilities and this is critical. This will also help to eliminate the necessity to find local charging stations and avoid inconveniences. For this, EV manufacturers must work with local authority, businesses and such services. Also, many such services are gradually realising the importance of having charging stations as people are beginning the transition towards electric vehicles.

Smart Navigation

Using AI and smart or dynamic navigation technologies will ensure that you will arrive safely at the destination. EV manufacturers know this, many best electric vehicles have this functionality and the manufacturers are improving it.

These are some of the ways you can ensure hassle free long journeys in electric vehicles.

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