Important Trends In Affordable Electric Car Use By People

Affordable Electric Cars
Affordable Electric Cars
Affordable Electric Cars
Affordable Electric Cars

The reduction in purchasing and operational cost of electric vehicles (EVs), made them more accessible, and this resulted in a shift in customer behavior. Besides, leading automobile brands are introducing small affordable electric cars that are mainly targeted at customers looking for urban commuting. This is augmented by the benefits offered by national governments to promote the widespread adaptation of EVs as part of their effort to reduce carbon emissions. Shared below are the major shifts happening in the segment of electric vehicles and their adaptation by people, read on to know more about them.

Increasing Number Of EV Registrations

More EVs like electric bikes, scooters, and cars are being registered in 2020 compared to 2019 and the previous years. In European countries, there are more electric car buyers due to the rising number of charging stations. When it comes to developing countries, the shift is more towards buying electric scooters as they are more affordable than cars. Also, the current coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on this transition because EV’s can be charged at home as well. Above all, people are beginning to realize the reduced environmental impact of these vehicles compared to traditional IC engine vehicles.

Dispelling Myths About EVs

The introduction of the electric sports car by established automobile brands dispelled the myth that EVs are not exciting and fun. Likewise, the launch of the electric version of the vintage bike and scooter brands is finding widespread acceptance among the younger generation. Also, some luxury automobile manufacturers are planning to phase out the development of IC engine vehicles in favor of electric vehicles. Moreover, the demand for high-performance EVs is steadily rising, and automobile manufacturers are recognizing this shift in customer demand because of the benefits from catering to this new demographic. As a result, Porsche launched the Taycan Turbo S and Harley-Davidson launched the LiveWire.

The other major myth about EVs is that they are expensive compared to IC engine vehicles. But this is not true because their running cost is low as they give greater range per kWh of charge. Also, their maintenance charge is less as they have fewer mechanical parts, and this is because they make use of drive-by-wire technology.

Range Anxiety Myth Dispelled

One of the issues that EVs had, in the beginning, was their limited range resulting in range anxiety for its drivers. But with the steadily rising number of charging stations, and the improvement in battery pack technology used in EVs, range anxiety is an issue of the past. Also, electric vehicle owners aren’t bothered about charging stations anymore as they can charge their vehicles at home overnight for daily urban commuting. Moreover, they need not worry about long-distance drives as more rapid charging facilities are coming up. Furthermore, Siemens introduced the facility of EV charging lamp posts in London, UK.

These are the major reasons people began transitioning towards affordable electric cars, and this trend is gaining momentum globally.

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