Planning To Buy An Electric Car? 3 Things To Ponder About

Affordable Electric Cars
Affordable Electric Cars
Electric Car Companies
Electric Car Companies

Electric cars are truly the future of clean and efficient vehicles that will be on our roads. The future is certainly happening, because by the year 2025 electric car companies will be contributing to as much as 30% of all the automobiles sold internationally, as per an analyst report by a leading finance firm.

When the calendar rolls to 2030, the sales of electric cars will begin to overshadow that of fossil fuel powered vehicles. We are spectators to these changing times which hold plenty of excitement. But before you contribute to the statistics, it is important that you consider three things. Read on to know.

Consider The Practicality

Electrical vehicles are yet to overtake their gas powered ancestors when it comes to practicality. Things such as the distance of the daily commute to work, your driving habits and how close you live to the city, all go into deciding if electric vehicles are the right fit for you.

Electric vehicles are best suited for those who are urbanites and don’t have to drive too long distances. Lower functionality in bad weather is also a reason to ponder over. The general rule of thumb is that if you live in the suburbs and have long hours of commute, then an electric vehicle wouldn’t be your ideal choice.

Invest In A Charging Station

Now, you needn’t spend thousands of dollars a year in refilling your car with gas, but you will have to put in electricity in there instead; a reason to ponder when you are making long distance drives. This is a problem because if you are driving to a location that has few electric charging stations then you cannot possibly recharge the vehicle.

Apart from that, setting up a charging port in the car garage will cost you around $2000 upfront. Then there is the hit to the monthly electricity bills, but then again you are saving on gas. But to prevent a large enough dent in the wallet you might want to get a solar power system for your home which could cost anywhere around $10,000.


Electric cars are sophisticated pieces of tech and when it undergoes damage and needs maintenance and fixing, it will cost you a dime. Not to mention the shortage of parts and the difficulty to find a reliable service station to service your vehicle. It is true that you might save on gas, but a battery change on an electric car will cost you about $6000.

Considering all the above points, you will need to make your choice wisely.

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