A Comparison between Hybrid Cars and Electric Cars

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A way to save on gas and go green is to use a standard, fuel-efficient automobile. Are you planning on purchasing one that uses fuel more efficiently than your standard auto? If yes, you may want to consider an electric car or hybrid model. So which is the most fuel-efficient auto out of these two? Read on to discover the answer to that and many other frequently asked questions.

What Does a Hybrid Car Refer To?

Multiple forms of power give such an automobile what it needs to work. A usual hybrid auto might work through a usual internal combustion engine, the same one powering an electric motor. This leads to a motor that is more efficient and that reduces the volume of fuel you require to drive.

What Does An Electric Car Refer To?

This vehicle has an engine that is powered by a rechargeable battery pack or fuel cell. The device is supplied with power through anything used by the source of power you put it into. You have to recharge it on a regular basis, which takes hours. It can be recharged through the standard socket you have at home, and refueling will not cost you over $10 for a driving range of up to 100 miles. The electric car range means the maximum distance you can go without having to recharge.

Is the Fuel Efficiency of EVs or Hybrid Cars Better Than Standard Autos?

Answering this question is not easy because that is similar to comparing apples and oranges. Firstly, hybrids are much more fuel-efficient compared to regular cars. However, because electric vehicles do not run on the traditional “fuel”, you cannot add these to this discussion.

Environmentally speaking, the EV could be relatively more energy-efficient or less so compared to a hybrid auto depending upon the power source you use. For instance, if you are recharging your EV at a fully solar-powered house, it will be better, both environmentally and fuel-wise, than a gas-guzzler. However, almost everyone recharges their vehicles in cities using a combination of non-renewable and renewable sources, which make the environmental calculation slightly trickier.

When it comes to cost, hybrids are not as fuel-efficient as EVs if you can pay for ten hours to completely charge for city driving. Usually, you can refuel your EV more affordable than the hybrid.

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