Electric Cars And The Environment

Small Electric Car
Small Electric Car
Affordable Electric Cars
Affordable Electric Cars

Electric cars have started to pull in an international audience. More and more people are finding the idea of lowering carbon emissions and pollution an attractive one; add to that the idea of saving money while making the planet greener. All these makes switching to an electric car the smartest thing you can do. Due to this demand, there has been a boom in the electric car companies coming up. More competitors in the market have given rise to more affordable electric cars.

 The researches that are in support of the electric cars are also resounding and is making headlines all over; they emit fewer greenhouse gases and spits out fewer air pollutants than any fossil fuel powered car out there. This is after considering the production of the vehicle itself and the generation of the electricity needed to keep them running. We will be answering a few questions that may be on the mind of the reader, about whether electric cars can bring positive environmental change and whether you can be at the forefront of that change. Read on…

Are Electric Cars Doing A Favour For Mother Earth?

 No tailpipe exhaust means that no carbon dioxide emissions. This translates to better air quality in the already crowded and choked cities. It is estimated that over a year, just one of these electric cars can save up to 1.5 million grams of CO2 from being let out in the atmosphere to chew up the ozone and raise our air conditioning bills.

Electric cars also cut out noise pollution, especially in metropolitan cities where the noise already is high. A quieter city would mean more relaxed residents.

How Does An Electric Car Affect The Environment?

Building and manufacturing an electric car require resources and energy. The emissions produced when manufacturing an electric car are higher than the traditional ones. The blame for which is directed to the lithium-ion batteries. It would be surprising to know that as much as 1/3rd of the total CO2 emissions released by an electric car is credited to making the car itself. As technology advances, there will be better manufacturing techniques to cut short the emissions. But even still, electric cars are a greener option.

What About The Carbon Footprint Of The Electricity Needed To Fuel The Car?

Even with electricity generation, the carbon emissions are 30% lower than that of a petrol or diesel car. The evidence is irrefutable, and the course of action to be taken is clear as daylight- we need to switch to an electric car for the good of the foreseeable future.

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