How To Extend The Battery Life Of An Electric Car?

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Electric cars are the future of vehicle industry. They don’t create any atmospheric pollution. More and more people are turning towards electric cars. The three main parts of an electric car is the electric motor, the power electronics and the high voltage battery. Among them, the battery is the most important part. So it is important to ensure a long battery life. This article contains some important tips that will help you to improve the battery life of your electric car.

Avoid Full Charging

Most of the electric cars are using lithium ion batteries. They will last longer when they are not always fully charged or fully drained. Electric car companies advertise their products by the battery operating time, not by the battery lifespan. The manufacturers engineer the battery management system to ensure that battery is not fully charged. Try not to drain your battery frequently. When the battery charge goes down to 5 %, plug your car into an electric charging station.  The battery will be permanently damage if you frequently let your battery to drain fully.

Keep The Battery Cool

Always keep in mind that if you are using a lithium ion battery in your electric car, never let it become too hot. It may reduce the lifespan of the battery. Hybrid cars have thermal management systems that cool the batteries when they rise in temperature. You need to take some extra steps if you are living in an area where the temperature usually goes above 850F. Do not park your car under direct sunlight for too long. Do not leave a fully charged battery for too long in extreme heat. Do not charge your battery more than 80 %, if your car was exposed to high temperature.

Limit The Use Of DC Quick Charge

If you do not want to harm your lithium ion battery in a fats charging DC station, you need to follow some rules. Minimize the number of times you use DC fast chargers. Only use DC fast charging stations when it is very urgent. Use only the level 2 charging stations for daily recharging. Even though it does not reduce the battery life, it is also important to keep your battery away from cold temperature. The cold temperature can slow down the chemical reaction inside the battery and may reduce the driving range.

If you follow these simple tips, you can extend the battery life of your electric car up to 15 years.

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