Useful Tips for Improving the Range of your Electric Car

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Small Electric Car
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Best Electric Vehicles

The market for electric cars is increasing because of the wide range of environmental benefits they possess. The best electric vehicles are able to reduce atmospheric pollution by eliminating the use of vehicles that are run by conventional sources of energy.

However, electric cars may not be as comfortable as gasoline-powered vehicles because of their charging problems. It can run out of charge easily and can leave you in the middle of nowhere if you do not plan the charging wisely. Therefore, ensuring the maxim range of your electric car is very significant, as it can save you from the embarrassment and the hassle of finding a charging station in the middle of your journey. Hence, we provide you some great tips for improving the electric car range.

Collect and Analyze Driving Data

All car owners will have different driving patterns, therefore collecting and analyzing your own driving data will help you to understand the power requirements of your vehicles and how frequently you have to charge it. This data will help you to plan your charging time accordingly.

The data should include different factors that affect the range including weather, route selection, speed, charging, etc. Therefore, it will be useful for you to decide when to charge your car in advance.

Use Driving Mode Settings

All modern cars will allow you to control the settings of the car based on the driver’s need. Some modes will help you to improve the performance at the expense of the range of the battery, while some others can increase the battery range by reducing the acceleration or by utilizing the regenerative braking. Therefore, you can adjust these settings based on your requirements.

Be Gentle with your Battery

Based on the use and time, the batteries of electric vehicles can degrade. This will reduce the range of your car eventually. The rate at which the batteries’ capacity deteriorates will be dependent on their use. Cars that are parked outside in hot weather tend to lose the capacity easily. Hence, make sure that your careless mistakes are not affecting the range of your battery.

Easy on the Accelerator

Increasing the speed of your vehicle gradually is better than accelerating it quickly. It can adversely affect your battery life. Therefore, it is important to avoid aggressive driving, so that you can increase your battery’s life.


One of the factors that affect the battery life of your electric vehicle is timely maintenance. Ensure that your vehicle is maintained properly and there are no malfunctioning parts in your car.

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